Welcome to the website of College View Masonic Lodge #320.  Our lodge received its charter on July 1, 1927 when the College View area was still not a part of the city of Lincoln.  College View Lodge is located in southeast Lincoln, Nebraska, at 4641 Cooper Avenue, which is one block west and four blocks north of 48th and Pioneers Blvd.  Our regular business meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month starting at 7:30 p.m.



                                             2014 Officers

Worship Master: WM Curtis Wolbert

Senior Warden: Bro. Paul Hadley

Junior Warden: Bro. Ben Berck

Secretary: WB Douglas Johnson

Treasurer: WB Robert Brommer

Chaplain: WB Thomas Anderson

Senior Deacon: WB Byron Van Patten

Junior Deacon: WB David Caudy

Tyler: WB Gary Kassebaum

Marshall: WB Jairo Cabieles

Senior Steward: Bro. David Johnson

Junior Steward: Bro. Kevin Edelmaier