Tidings From the East


Seventeen degrees later....yes, that's right!...seventeen Masonic degrees have been conferred on our last six new Master Masons in College View Lodge during the past 9 months!  The brethren in our lodge have worked diligently to ensure that these new members are not only ready to become a Master Mason, but also to be committed to the lodge and fraternity as well.  Two of the 6 new Masons have already been installed as Senior and Junior Stewards, and the remaining members will fill in the chairs next year too.  My hope this year as Master of the lodge was pretty simple, and that was to not only build up our lodge externally (building maintenance wise), but internally as well.  I wanted to accomplish this task through new membership, and also with following up with these new members and ensuring that they didn't "slip through the cracks" by not having a mentor assigned to them, or a job in the lodge for that matter.  I feel good knowing that our lodge as a whole has contributed to making sure that these new Master Masons of College View Lodge #320 are ready to step up and keep our lodge, and our fraternity, moving in the right direction.


Now on the external side of the house, we have also made some excellent strides in getting our 52 year-old lodge back into shape physically too.  One of our new Master Masons, Brother Scott Gossett, is a certified electrician, and he has already stepped up and fixed our outside decorative light pole (I hadn't seen it working since I joined the lodge in 2008), and also gave us an inspection of our outdated 'fuse box' electrical system too.  We're hoping to put Brother Scott  to work here shortly on fixing that outdated electrical system too, but that will have to come in time.  Other areas that we are improving the lodge in is through the newly-approved "Building Maintenance Fund" that will take effect in January of 2015.  We are hoping that this additional $100.00 a month that will be put away in a separate checking account for building maintenance repairs will help us maintain the building at a much more efficient rate than we have in the past.


Overall though, the year is going extremely well and we are sitting good in every aspect that there is, so I'm in high hopes that my last 4 months in the East will be productive ones and will keep us moving in the right direction into 2015.  My goal of having 20 members present at our last meeting was almost obtained, but we came up a little short with only 18 members present on 9/3.  But I'm still hoping that we can make that goal, and can also get some more members to start attending on a more regular basis if we can.  And on that note, I'd like to remind everyone that if you ever need a ride to lodge, please don't hesitate to let me know at 402-440-6860 or cewolbert@windstream.net and I will ensure that either myself or one of our other members will personally come and get you ASAP, and that's a promise!  So I'm hoping to see you all at our October meeting!



Trustees Meeting Notes


Building Maintenance Fund  The Temple board discussed whether or not to have all four Lodge building entities contribute an additional $25.00 each month to the Building Maintenance Fund which will be set up in a separate checking account, and could be utilized to help upgrade the building, or fix broken items in the building.  The board approved the motion.


Lawn Mower & Snow Blower:  The Temple board was informed that a lawnmower will be donated to the lodge on behalf of WB Tom Anderson from College View Lodge, and a snow blower will be donated to the lodge on behalf of WB Bob Brommer from College View Lodge, thus eliminating lodges from having to purchase either item. The Temple board then discussed the matter of purchasing a storage shed for the outside area so that both equipment items could be housed outside in a safe environment. The discussion about the purchase of a storage shed was tabled until the Temple Board can meet again in October and look at possible shed designs at the local retail outlets.


Outdoor Sign: The topic of an outdoor sign was discussed by the Temple Board members and it was decided that the expensive wood and brick sign that was presented at the previous Temple Board meeting was too expensive for the lodge entities to purchase, as it was in the $10,000 price range, and was too expensive to purchase at this time. It was decided that a smaller sign would be placed on the North wall of the lodge building, and this sign would be paid for by WB Bob Brommer from College View Lodge, who would pay for not only the sign itself, but the installation as well.  WB Bob Brommer had volunteered to do this as a gift to the lodge building.


Dehumidifier: The topic of purchasing a new dehumidifier was addressed, as the two older dehumidifiers that were downstairs in the Fellowship Hall have ceased to work any further. It was recommended by the board members that a new dehumidifier be purchased for the building before any mold could start to set in downstairs.  *A new dehumidifier was purchased on 09-04-2014 for $169.04 and is working perfectly now.


Kitchen Gas Line: The topic of removing the gas line that is currently situated in the kitchen area was addressed by the Temple Board members. WM Curt Wolbert recommended that the gas line be removed from the kitchen area, as it is no longer utilized by any of the lodge entities, and it is also a fire hazard. It was recommended that a plumber be contacted to remove the gas line from the kitchen area.


Electrical System Upgrade: The topic of the outdated electrical system inside the lodge building was addressed by the Temple Board members. Brother Scott Gossett, a certified electrician, performed an inspection of the building's electrical system prior to the Temple Board meeting, and it was his suggestion that the electrical fuse boxes be removed and replaced with circuit breaker boxes. Brother Scott Gossett stated that he would perform the work at a discounted labor rate, and would install both boxes. Brother Scott Gossett gave an estimated price for the project at $550.00 for the project.  This item was tabled to the October Temple Board meeting as well so that all of the lodge entities could discuss it further with their respective members.


Outside Light Pole  Brother Scott Gossett worked on the lodge's decorative light pole at the front entrance and got it working again.   Brother Scott is going to go find a new electric eye for it too so that it doesn't burn out the light bulbs too quickly.  Once the electrical work is completed, WM Curt will strip and repaint the light pole before winter sets in.



Lodge Fundraising Projects


WB Bob Brommer was gracious enough to give the lodge his treadmill and Schwinn exercise bike to sell on behalf of the Building Maintenance Fund.  So, WM Curt Wolbert and WB Doug Johnson hauled both items out of Bob's house and down the lodge stairs into the Fellowship Hall, and the items were advertised on Craigslist.com and sold for $300.00 the very next day!  So thanks go out to WB Bob Brommer for his generous donation to the lodge!


In addition, the lodge also sold 6 of the 'POGO' cards for a combined total price of $115.00 this past month, and is also in the process of selling the lodge's Baldwin organ upstairs for $300.00 too.  It was decided last year that since the organ is no longer played by anyone at the lodges or OES chapter, that it would be a wise decision to sell it while it was still in good condition.  Thus, the organ was advertised on Craigslist.com and also in the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper classifieds and we have already had one person look at it so far.  Hopefully we will be able to get the organ sold too and dedicate those funds to improving the lodge building in the near future.



Garage Sale (09/12 - 09/14)


College View Lodge's garage sale will commence on Saturday, September 12th, at 8:00 am and will run through Sunday, September 14th, at 5:00 pm.  Thanks go out to WB Henry Schultz for donating a ton of items from his father's estate, and to WB David Caudy, WB Bob Brommer, WB Mike Berger, and Brother Kevin Edelmaier for donating items to the sale as well.  The Forest Brown Fellowship Hall is fully stocked with merchandise, and we're hoping that this year will be our best year yet with raising money for the lodge's Building Maintenance Fund.  So if you can, please come out on 9/12 through 9/14 and visit us at the lodge and pick yourself up something for the house!



September Meeting Highlights


Past Masters present: (8) 

Master Masons present: (18)

Guests: (1) 


Brother Aaron James Bruner was conducted to the one-third line and examined as to his proficiency in the Master Mason degree by WB Doug Johnson in compliance with Section 2-402 of the Grand Lodge Bylaws, after which, there being no objection from the brethren, the Worshipful Master declared the brother proficient in Master Mason degree. Examination included reciting the answers of the first section of the lecture of the Master Mason degree.


Then, Brother Scott Allen Gossett was conducted to the one-third line and examined as to his proficiency in the Master Mason degree by Brother David Johnson in compliance with Section 2-402 of the Grand Lodge Bylaws, after which, there being no objection from the brethren, the Worshipful Master declared the brother proficient in the Master Mason degree.



Reading & Approval of the Minutes:  on motion of the Sec., the minutes of the last regular communication and two subsequent  special communications, having been to surety before the meeting, were approved as printed .


Reports on Committees on Petitions/Balloting: There were no petitions to report on at this time.


Receiving & Referring of Petitions: No new petitions were received at this time. 



Reports of Committees:


1. Sustaining Membership - WB Doug reported on four prospects and WM Curt directed that brothers Jairo, Byron, Ben and Curt would make contact with them.


2. Trustees -WM Curt  gave the report of the trustees  meeting this evening.  topics discussed were building signage, creation of a separate building improvement fund, additional building fund access meant  of all four bodies that meet in the building , repair of the outside light , purchase and installation of a shed for lawnmower and snow blower storage, removal  of the unused natural gas line in the kitchen, replacement of the basement dehumidifiers, and status of the electrical system and upgrade of the fuse panels to breaker panels . Interest in the electrical condition of the building was heightened after an electrical fire occurred while brothers  were assembling last month at East Lincoln Lodge #210.


3. Ritual Work/Proficiency - Only brothers Cody Watkins and Andrew Kritikos remain to prove up in the master Mason degree.  Otherwise, the Committee on Ritual Work is declared at rest.


5. Community Relations-  Last meeting of the Neighborhood Association was June 11.  The Celebrate College View event will be Sunday afternoon,  September 21, 2014.



Unfinished Business:


1.  Brother Edelmaier installed as Junior Steward - At order of the Worshipful Master, the Senior Deacon escorted brother Kevin Edelmaier to the East,  where the Worshipful Master installed Brother Kevin as Junior Steward. The Senior Deacon then escorted Brother Kevin to his place in the lodge, amid a round of applause from the brethren.


2.  Funeral for WB Dick Tracy -WM Curt announced that WB Richard (Dick) E. Tracy's internment  has been scheduled  for Tuesday, September 16th, at 2 PM at Roca Cemetery, alongside his wife's grave. The minister of Dick's church will preside.


3.  Building Maintenance Fund -WB Doug moved to assess each of the four bodies that meet in the building  $25 per month ; monies to be placed in a separate account for the purpose of capital improvement and repair of the building.  monies already donated for this purpose will be deposited in this fun.  motion was seconded, discussion followed and the motion passed.


4.  Past Master's Board -WM Curt shared plans to update the past Masters photo display with new trim , and expanded area in the  outer room, and larger photos (4" x 6").


5.  Building Cornerstone -WB Doug reported that two contractors are continuing to develop written, firm quotes for repair or replacement of the buildings cornerstone.





1. All correspondence requiring action was taken care of under the proper order of business.



New/Miscellaneous Business:


1.  Dehumidifier Purchase - Brother Scott Gossett moved to look into buying a new dehumidifier for the Fellowship Hall . Motion was seconded and passed.


2. Lodge Directory -  WB Doug requested if your contact information ( address , phone number, e-mail address, etc.)  has changed since the last lodge directory was published in 2013, please let him know this month so that new directories can be distributed before the holidays.


3. Masonic Youth Scholarships -  WB Doug moved to provide to scholarships for Tom Anderson and Curt Wolbert's daughters  to attend the Masonic  Youth Leadership Conference in Kearney this month. Motion was seconded and passed.


4. Lodge Garage Sale -WM Curt thanked everyone that has provided donations for the garage sale to benefit the Building Maintenance Fund.  An exercise bike and treadmill, donated by WB Bob Brommer,  has already been sold for $300.00.  Additional donations  and items are welcome.  The sale will begin on Friday, September 12th at 8 AM and concludes on Sunday, September 14 by 5 PM. Volunteers to assist running the sale should contact WM Curt.



5. Upcoming Events -  


A. Sep 12-14 - College View Garage Sale (8am - 5 pm)

B. Sep 16th - WB Dick Tracy's Funeral at Roca Cemetery (2 pm)

C. Oct 1 - Regular Meeting (7:30 pm)



Good of the Fraternity:


Masonic Education - WB Bob  provided the evenings Masonic Education from the Grand Lodge,  entitled "The Lodge and Government."


At order of the Worshipful Master, the Senior Deacon escorted WB Doug Johnson to the East, where the Worshipful Master presented WB Doug with the Masonic Achievement Award and Medal and read his Letter of Recommendation.  WB Doug was escorted  to his seat amid applause from the brethren.


WM Curt then had the Senior Deacon escort WB Mike Berger to the East, where he presented  WB Mike with a certificate and pin for over 25 years of membership in the Masonic fraternity, and who also received the hearty round of applause.  Other brothers who have passed this milestone, but have not received their recognition yet, will be contacted shortly to rectify the situation.


Finally, WM Curt and had our five newly raised brothers escorted to the East.  He then presented brothers  Aaron Bruner, Kevin Edelmaier, Scott Gossett,  David Johnson and Cody Watkins with their signed aprons; and, he also presented brothers Aaron Bruner and Scott Gossett with their membership cards, pins, Ciphers and Monitors before all were escorted back to their seats among  a further round of applause.


WM Curt gave the report of sickness; WB Jerry Rauch's wife is now doing well, while Brother Terry Workmen is recovering from treatment for a kidney stone.


WB Jairo  announced that he is selling tickets for the Sesostris Shrine's Gun Raffle .


Our next regular communication will be October 1 at 7:30 PM


No further business appearing, the Lodge was closed in form with prayer at 8:40 PM, peace and harmony prevailing. Following the close of the meeting, pictures were taken. Then everyone gathered in the Forest brown Fellowship Hall for cake and refreshments.